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The ingeniously simple scenario concocted by director Roberts and his co-screenwriter Ernest Riera (they previously collaborated on the horror film The Other Side of the Door) provides the opportunity for genuine tension abetted by a series of jump scares that are no less effective for being predictable. And while the underwater setting inevitably means that the visuals are often murky and the sound unintelligible, the claustrophobic environment is conveyed in proficiently spooky fashion. (read full review)

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An extremely simple idea unfolds into a no-frills thriller that’s so insidiously gripping that it verges on throttling; shark fans shouldn’t miss seeing this on the big screen. Crafting an admirably tight, 89-minute “B” movie, director/co-writer Johannes Roberts (The Other Side of the Door) quickly sets up the story’s sympathetic characters and just as quickly gets them in the shark tank, building suspense with cautious Lisa’s believable and understandable panic. (Quick breathing is a tense part of this movie’s soundtrack.) (read full review)

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